7 Blogging Blunders That Will Get Your Blog On The Black Book Of Google

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Blogging blunders can sabotage  your efforts. You might have heard of some bloggers who just start a blog and within months are making millions from it. Well, I want to tell you for free that those folks have either spent through their noses on promotion or are using serious spam technics . To explain what I mean, I would love to quote an article by wodfence :

A common tactic on the Net that malicious webmasters use is to try and publicize their site by engaging in referrer spam. What this means is that they will create an automated web crawler much like Google’s Googlebot. They then send this crawler out to visit hundreds of millions of websites and the crawler pretends to be a normal web browser. The user-agent string (identification) that the crawler sends is Chrome or Internet Explorer or another human looking web browser. But the important difference is that it sends a fake referrer string to any website it visits. That means that it tells the logging application on any website it visits that it arrived from a website that it didn’t actually arrive from. Lets call that site example.com.

The effect is that there appears to be a fake person going around visiting a hundred million websites and arriving at those websites from someone else’s website.

This might work in a while but when Google finds out that you are trying to game the system, it de-ranks your blog. Here are other blunders that will get your on the bad books of Google.

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1- Lifting Article { Plagiarism} :


Lazy writers always commit this blogging blunder and still wonder why they are doing badly on Google search engine. This blunder is when you lift or copy an article from another blog without rewriting and giving the blog credit. The best way to avoid this blogging blunder is to write your articles in your own words from start to finish. When you need to quote an article, please give the source credit and even link back the article to the source by publishing the link. Google sees this as gaming the system and really punishes offenders.

2- Not Using SEO Ready Themes :


At a point in your career as a blogger, you will need premium themes that are really optimized for SEO. For beginners, SEO means Search Engine Optimization. The free themes you are using will not allow you compete well with blogs using premium themes. If your blog is well optimized, search engines will understand your contents easier. I am an advocate of starting your blog even when you don’t have money but I am telling that when you start making money you MUST get a premium theme to avoid this blogging blunder.

3 – Writing A General Interest Blog :


You must focus on a sub topic like Toyota cars instead of cars . This is a very serious blogging blunder! I committed this sin for four years of my career. I churned out nothing less than 10 articles daily yet my Alexa ranking made me weep in my closet.

4- Inconsistent Blogging :

Some bloggers just start a blog and start blogging randomly. You can’t do that. You must be consistent, if you want to blog daily do that, if you want once a week, do just that. Don’t post today and return back next month and claim you are a blogger. Consistency is the mother of conviction, being consistent helps search engines to understand your blog and your readers count on you. Don’t commit this blogging blunder, it will bite you and hurt your ranking.

5 – Posting Nude Photos :

This blogging blunder is a major killer. Google dislikes nudity and punishes any publisher of such. I committed this crime and the negative effect on my ranking made me shutdown the blog, The worst is that it brought in massive traffic but Google hates it. Google can cancel your Adsense account if you keep publishing nude photos and plagiarizing other author’s works.  It is that serious.

6 – Lack Of On-Page Optimization :

This is like working hard in the wrong way. I suffered from this for years! You can’t just write and expect magic to happen. There are laws in writing a post and you must obey them or this blogging blunder will kill your blog. Your posts must be certified readable and  SEO optimized . How do you know? You need a free WordPress plugin called Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO is the best WordPress SEO plugin, it guides you while writing and also works on the technical optimization of your blog. Make sure all your articles get the green color on Readability and SEO. If you always get this, you will enjoy organic traffic. “Content is king” they say but how will a badly written content be king?

Watch this video for more blogging blunders to avoid as a blogger.


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