Aisha Yesufu Fights Dirty With El Rufai

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Aisha Yesufu, the co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls Movement, BBOG is now officially the number one nightmare of Kaduna State Governor , Nasir El Rufai.

Yesterday she went to war with the Governor who called her a dim wit. Aisha threatened to deal with him on the streets, she even reminded him how dealt with him when they were in school.

Here is how it started. Aisha Yesufu had taken to Twitter to call out the governor following his silence on Hana Buhari, daughter of President Buhari, using the presidential jet for a private function.

Hanan was invited for a Durbar event by the Emir of Bauchi and she used the presidential jet. Some Nigerians including members of the PDP felt this was unconstitutional but the presidency said members of the first family are entitled to using the presidntial jet.

Pulling up old tweets of the governor attacking the Goodluck Jonathan administration when it planned to purchase another presidential jet, Aisha yesufu tweeted

After many hours of not responding to Yesufu’s tweet, a Twitter user drew the governor’s attention to her tweet. In his response, the governor said he doesn’t respond to dimwits who never voted in Kaduna state. According to him, he is not interested in responding to ”publicity/follower-seeking, anonymous and jobless clowns with neither credentials nor ddress.”

Tweeting further, the governor wrote

Yesufu saw his tweet and went all out to attack the governor. Digging up old tweets of the governor attacking former president Goodluck Jonathan, Aisha Yesufu vowed to deal with the governor on Twitter street if he thinks he can intimidate her. See her tweets below

Aisha Yesufu@AishaYesufu

Nasir El Rufai @elrufai that should be seeking forgiveness is forgiving people
This low life, back stabbing, lies peddler, rumour monger who ranted and raved when he was not in government and knelt his way to being a Governor has mouth to talk.

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