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Angela Nwosu Gives Men Spiritual Tips About Their Wives



Angela Nwosu Gives Men Spiritual Tips About Their Wives

Top Nigerian female spiritualist , Angela Nwosu , has again dished out a thought provoking spiritual advice to married men . 

NAIJA NEWS NG reports that the controversial wife of a Nollywood filmmaker wrote that some women have strong spiritual guides that bless or punish their partners when made happy or sad.

Angela Nwosu wrote on her verified Facebook page :

“A very important Repost. Read this again and let it sink it.👇
A lot of women have extremely active spirit guides that are at their beck and call, most of them don’t even know this. If you make them cry, one way or another, something will go wrong for you, if you give them happiness, something will go right for you. You might not even know where your blessing is coming from, but you will only notice that things are changing well for you.
If as a man, you marry this type of woman and you treat her bad, whether directly or indirectly, forces bigger than you will begin to fight you, and she will always be there to listen to your complaints and suffer with you, even offer you words of encouragement and pray for you, but the prayers will be meaningless, because you aren’t worth it, her spirit guide will seriously deal with you. These type of women will never leave you, no matter what. If at any time, you decide to leave them and they meet another man that treats them well, they will become a huge blessing to that man, while you continue to suffer, wherever you are, and in most cases, it’s impossible to meet someone like that again.
Only women have these type of auras and spirit guides. It’s important to study the type of woman you are dating or married to, if you are sensible and mature enough. Another important thing is, faithfulness should come naturally to you, without an effort. You dare not cheat on such a woman, whether they find out or not.

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