BLOG TIPS : How To Start A Gossip Blog That Makes Millions

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Blog owners in Nigeria love to go the gossip niche route. Gossip blogging is the most popular niche in Nigeria . This is due to the success stories of the likes of Linda Ikeji and Uche Eze of Bella Naija. Since there is a huge chance many new bloggers will likely end up in this niche, here are how to make it big in this niche.

5 Reasons You Should Start A Gossip Blog:

1- High Readership Potential :

In Nigeria the gossip blog niche rule the game. Most Nigerians online are mostly browsing Facebook and gossip blogs. This high readership potential also leads to high engagements with gossip blogs.

2- High Rate Of Adverts Placements :

Due to the fact that advertisers know the high traffic potential of gossip blogs, they joyfully place their ads on them. The likes of Linda Ikeji and Bella Naija attracts millions of Naira in ads per month. They even get wraparound adverts that worth millions per month from multi nationals.

3- Easy To Create Contents :

This is a tricky one. In this niche, you don’t need to kill yourself to get contents because celebrity gossip gists are every where online but you must rewrite everything you get from other blogs . Google punishes blogs that plagiarize other contents from other blogs without giving credits. Google will also rank your write up as a duplicate and not the original. To matter, you must recreate everything from start to finish. If you do that, you will be smiling every time you look at your traffic stats.

4- High Social Media Share Rate:

Gossip blogs enjoy a high social media sharing rate from readers. This makes your blog very popular and the more popular you are, the richer you become. It is that simple!

5- You Will Become A Celebrity : 

Lastly, your gossip blog will turn you into a celebrity. People will want to know who you are, celebrities will love and dread you. You will be invited to topnotch events as a special guest.

3 Keys Things You Need To Start A Gossip Blog

1- Laptop and internet service:


To really be able to work, you need a laptop and an internet service . You will need to churn out at least 10 original stories daily, using a fast laptop will really help to ease the stress. The laptop will also come in handy when you proof read your articles to avoid grammatical errors. You must buy a laptop with good battery life so you can work anywhere. A slow internet service can really affect how fast you post your articles and Google recognizes the first to post.

2- Get The Right Web Host :

Web hosting is very key if you decide to go pro with self hosting on wordpress . I will suggest that you work with any of these web hosting companies : hostagors, Godaddy, Bluehost, Dreamhost etc. They also offer free domain names.

3- Get Premium Gossip Blog Theme :

Themes are also key in positioning your blog on Google. You need to buy a premium gossip theme that has been optimized for SEO. You can get any of the following themes :  Hush, Lifestyle magazine, Senorita, Bonita, The Gossip . 

5 Proven Ways To Make Money With A Gossip Blog :

What good is having a popular gossip blog that makes no money? For me it is useless even if you derive satisfaction from it because you need to spend money to keep it running. Here are 7 proven ways to make money with a gossip blog.

1- Advert Space Sales :


Once your blog becomes popular or begins to attract high traffic, you can sell advert spaces on your blog to companies . This is a huge source of income.

2-Google  Adsense :

This is like the first and most popular way to monetize any blog. The big gossip blogs make huge income monthly with Google Adsense.

3- Sponsored Posts :

This is a paid for post from companies to promote their products or events. I have done N150 , 000 per post and Linda Ikeji constantly charges N60,000 per post. She gets this like everyday.

4- Affiliate :

The likes of Konga and Jumia offer affiliate deals to bloggers. All you need do is to sign up and place banners of products on your blog and get commissions per sale.

5- Endorsement Deals :

Big brands can use your blog as a promotion point for their products. This is a gold mine.

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Enjoy your blogging journey.


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