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BRT Bus Drops Thugs To Disrupt Alausa Protest , MC Oluomo Fingered



BRT Bus Drops Thugs To Disrupt Alausa Protest , MC Oluomo Fingered

The Protesters at Alausa have alleged that MC Oluomo sent Agberos (thugs) in BRT bus to disrupt their peaceful protest. 

NAIJA NEWS NG curated videos and tweets from those on ground in Alausa. See below :


Mr Macaroni

“MC Oluomo and Baba Alado sent thugs to Alausa. They came in Lagos State owned BRT buses and the Nigerian Police refused to stop them!!

We managed to copy one of the bus’ serial number; s/n 240171.

Please RT.

#AlausaProtest #EndSARS #EndSWAT”

#AlausaProtest #EndSARS #EndSWAT
Nicholas Ibekwe

“MC Oluomo boys deployed to disperse protesters in Lagos.

He was successful in Oshodi and Okota against Igbo communities there.

Wash, rinse, repeat.”

Seun Akindele

“Breaking news:

NURTW people are already at #AlausaProtest to disrupt protest. They are carrying guns, cutlasses.
Pls, I just escape from there now…pls
Are this Mc Oluomo boys??

Someone just posted this, pls retweet to warn others and confirm if it’s true…”


“Someone reach out to MC Oluomo and tell him that NURTW members should not be used as agents to disrupt the protests. #5for5 #StayFocused #EndSWAT #ReformPoliceNG”

Iyameto Smiling face with heart-shaped eyesSmiling face with heart-shaped eyes FOOD & EVENTS Electric plug Iyameto

“Some thugs were sent to disrupt Alausa protest yesterday. Guess what? My lions went for them in full force & still guarded them from being devored! That’s why I love y’all!!! We still cleaned them up,got ambulance, fed them & more then they ended up @ the station! #AlausaProtest”

Andre Papi dev Personal computer Headphone™

“Guys in alausa pls if possible take photos of the bus number plate we need to know the drivers that were used to convey this thugs they need to be arrested #AlausaProtest #EndSARS”

Mande mason

“AMBULANCE NEEDED AT ALAUSA IKEJA!! Protesters are injured and need help ASAP!! RT!!


Celine Dion Thought balloon

“This is a protest of survival and not a protest of empathy. No matter how many times these hoodlums come at us, we will never back down. Our strong will to survive is what will ensure our victory at the end of this protest. #AlausaProtest #EndSWAT #EndSWAT”

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