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CHRISTENDOM: The Odumeje Revolution By Oge Chikero



Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere popularly known as Odumeje the The Lion has really made impact in Nigeria with his weird style of pushing the gospel of Jesus.

Below are the new controversial changes that Odumeje brought into Christendom .

Odumeje CHANGED the industry .

Odumeje studied the industry and saw a gap …. Too much talk.

Odumeje solved the problem….brought in MAD FUN!!

Odumeje saw the deliverances in churches are now boring …. Only laying of hands

Odumeje brought in combat deliverance!
Odumeje saw that Pastors are quoting too much Bible and calling themselves Daddy GO, Bishop etc
Odumeje brought in CRAZY meaningless SLANGS and Names :
The Indabosky Bahose,
The dabuskabash,
The lebadoo, sepre and the lamande,
The Abidoshika,
The war, the fight and the battle,
The liquid metal,

Odumeje saw that there are too much prayers in churches …

Odumeje started church concerts with celebrities flooding in.

Odumeje saw that people go to churches to pray for money and prosperity …

Odumeje saw that big pastors rarely go into pubs and bars to preach, he sang songs that are mostly played in bars and beer parlors.

Odumeje started celebrating money . Hosting church concerts where they spray money as HOLY WATER !