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EDO DECIDES : Nigerians Tear Bola Ahmed Tinubu Apart



EDO DECIDES : Nigerians Tear Bola Ahmed Tinubu Apart

Nigerians are already reacting to the early Obaseki victory results. Bola Tinubu is being violently stabbed on Twitter for interfering in Edo.

Read tweets by Nigerians on the APC leader and Oshiomhole’s roles in Edo governorship election as curated by NAIJA NEWS NG


“They always say
is the master but when you look closely is all ruse, he stopped Igbo’s from voting in Lagos to rig in Sanwoolu, he was humiliated in Osun had to do mago mago rerun, he was squarely defeated in Oyo.

Tinubu is overrated abeg.”

Kelvin Odanz
“This is a major blow to Asiwaju’s 2023 presidential aspiration. Nigeria should not let him flap his wings beyond Lagos.

If Lagosians are okay being his slaves, good for them. The rest of Nigeria reject him and his bandwagon of hoodlums, thugs and misfits.”

Chief Hydra

“The Cabal supported Obaseki.

An APC controlled Edo would be vital for the Jagaban’s APC Presidential ambition in less than 3 years.

Something the cabal doesn’t want.

They’re playing the long game. It’s better to lose Edo to PDP than increase Tinubu’s chances at the primaries.”

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Comrade Deji Adeyanju

“When I saw Tambuwal commending Buhari in the afternoon yesterday, I already knew the cabal had already betrayed Tinubu. ”

Kelvin Odanz

“My dear Lagosians, it is very possible for you to break the chains of your slavery and be free from him. How long will you continue being in shackles?

Your city is deteriorating,illiterates,thugs and hoodlums rule over your city. Be like Edo people and get rid of your demigod”


“Tinubu is only Jagaban in his unit in Lagos State.
Oshiomole is only godfather to his family.
Ize Iyami will be called “His Excellency” in beer parlour.
PDP is the strongest National Party in this Country. They won Osun, Kano clearly but…..
However, Edo is now in the bag.”

Kelvin Odanz

“Any loss for Asiwaju Tinubu is a huge victory for Nigeria. We need him to keep capitulating outside Lagos.”

Eze ChiPrince

“Oshiomole copied the Formation that Tinubu used in Lagos but Obaseki unlike Ambode knew his tactics, he used his GenGen Press well & defended like the Italian Mafians. Obaseki has gone Bayern on Ize-iyamu, I’ll 8-2 remind you how that scoreline went.”


“For the record, Obaseki defeated Tinubu, Oshiomhole, Ize Iyamu, Tony Kabaka, thugs, touts and other Democrats.”

Ayemojubar High-heeled shoe

“Truly giants do die!

Tinubu and Oshiomole will regret forever meeting Obaseki, a secret weapon of disruption in the camp of godfatherism.

#EdoDecides2020 #EdoDecides”

uneku “Clark Kent”

“APC, Oshiomole, Ize Iyamu’s, Tinubu, Gandollor, all had a great collapse in Edo state today. I’m trying to reach Femi Adesina to find out if it was forward, backward, sideways?”

Abubakar A Aliyu

“If INEC announce final result on Edo gubernatorial election and it turns to be PDP that wins.God knows Oshiomhole/Tinubu have tried their best, but Buhari and some idiots APC govs are to be blame. You fit touch any PDP gov during PDP era? PDP decides who win what during their era”



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