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END SARS : Dangote And Tony Elumelu Meet Wizkid,Segalink,Dipo, Phyno



END SARS : Dangote And Tony Elumelu Meet Wizkid,Segalink,Dipo,Phyno

Last night, some End SARS protesters met with Emefiele, Dangote, Tony Elumelu three governors and businessmen. Adebola Williams acquiesced that protests should end.

NAIJA NEWS NG learnt that Yesufu & Abudu insisted Nigerians will not back down until all outstanding issues around police brutality are resolved.


Nigerians on Twitter have been commenting on the Zoom meeting. Read their comments below :

PEGASUSEarth globe europe-africa

“Zoom meeting with Dangote, Elumelu and Emefile. Them go don promise them something that’s why SEGA is pissed. Let’s focus please. #EndSWAT”

Mr Macaroni

“This #SARSMUSTENDNOW movement has no leader. It is wrong for Dipo or anyone to suggest a list, it will cause chaos.

Aisha & Sega won’t have a problem with the govt addressing us publicly.

The goal is to #EndSARS & stop #SWAT. No commitee, no leader!


END SARS : Dangote And Tony Elumelu Meet Wizkid,Segalink,Dipo,Phyno
Kelvin Odanz

“Some of you are actually angry because you were not invited in that closed door meeting with Dangote and the Governors.

If they had invited you, I am sure you would accept the invitation and be out here defending it right now.

But we’d talk about that some other day. Enjoy”

Tosin Olugbenga #EndSARSProtest

“I would leave Lagos and fly into Abuja to PROTEST at the National Assembly to reduce their salary by 75%.

See this is just the beginning of the protest self.

I got my energy back.

Tony Elemelu, Dangote, Emiefele can’t STOP this movement.



“I understand our new “no leaders” stance but I think we are all lying to ourselves.

Leaders are emerging already. Did they ask your permission before they spoke to Dangote and Meffy? No!

If there are going to be leaders I’m 100% behind

Omoniyi Israel

“Dangote and Elumelu are just concerned about how this movement is affecting their money, dem no actually send una papa.
So let’s focus, #EndSWAT!”

Chi with the best hair

“UBA GROUP & DANGOTE GROUP ARE NOT LENDING THEIR SUPPORT. But their owners/ leaders are in meetings to stop this peaceful protest . What do we do about this ? #ENDSARSOPPRESSION”

Mr. Maccaroni Volleyball #EndSARS

“Whatever meeting Aisha, Sega, Tony elumelu and pamileri had, doesn’t concern us, they don’t speak for us neither were they there when I was rubbed of 200K, just Don’t say anything, just retweet and reply with #EndSWAT !”

Nigerian Kevin Hart Grinning face

FK Abudu
Aisha Yesufu

All were present in the meeting and you say you don’t trust them to represent your best interest?

Okay, what do you want?
To be in the meeting too?”

Adetutu Balogun commented on Ogbeni Dipo’s omission of Segun Awosanya’s name from the list of committee members he drew up.
“1. The way and manner some Twitter influencer are going about this leadership/Convener of #EndSARS movement will most likely break the ranks and Govt will get to us.
2. Ogbeni Dipo just draw a list of those who should be in any Committee that will work with Presidency and the police but he omitted Sega’s name.
3. The same
that has been bailing people out & handling all things SARS since l came on that app. He even threw a sub that he doesn’t want any “career activist or political jobber” in d Committee. With all his supposed UK academic exposure he sounds full of hatred.
4. Why trust a fox when most of your chickens are missing?

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