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GEJ VS SHOLA : Nigerians Call Omoyele Sowore A Snake



GEJ VS SHOLA : Nigerians Call Omoyele Sowore A Snake

Sowore has gotten into trouble for keeping quiet after Babatunde Olusola insulted one of the lawyers who helped him regain freedom.

Twitter user, Babatunde Olusola , was arrested for running a parody Twitter account with Goodluck Jonathan’s name .

Shola, an orphan and final year student of Chemical Engineering of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State insulted Great Oracle (Abdul Mahmud ) a lawyer who played key role in mediating for his freedom.

Shola has deleted the thread and tendered an apology to Great Oracle .

Great Oracle after tweeting that he is not angry with the Shola announced that he has withdrawn his services from the defense team of Omoyele Sowore’s case against the Federal Government over Revolution Now protest .

In reaction, Nigerians started calling Omoyele Sowore names. Some said he is just a typical Nigerian politician, some said he is a snake that should not be trusted. NAIJA NEWS NG curated the tweets, read below :


“Very Nice move sir! At some point I thought @YeleSowore was out of data cus I see no reason why he’s still yet to clear the air on this issue but it quite obvious his actions were deliberate. ”


“Sowore’s silence means CONSENT! He shud clear the air on Shola’s misguided outburst, at once

I can understand the young lad is angry, who wouldn’t be, after spending such a long time in prison?

The Great Oracle has stood for many causes here, the spat was completely unnecessary”

Benjamin Idewor

“When will you all realise that Sowore is a politician? He’s not different from the mainstream politicians. He only capitalizes on the pitfalls of the Nigerian state, exaggerate facts and employs his Sahara Reporters to advance sensationalism. He’s no messiah.”

DEMAGOGUE PhD.Heart with arrowsenior advocatGraduation cap
wasn’t Jonathan or d police that arrested d boy,he wasn’t a bit involved in d matter but he involved himself nevertheless and played a huge role to facilitate his release.
But what did he get in return? Insults from d person he freed while Sowore sits and watches”

Ọ́mọ́ Ọ̀sún

“You see why I have never completely trusted sowore. The same energy he was using to distract the youths on revolution now should be used to call for electoral reform first”


Sowore is a snake, I actually never believe the Shola’s story once I saw Sowore backing him up..

Sowore cannot be trusted..”


“They have resumed bashing Sowore again because their Interpol story was Dead On Arrival with their Oracle. They have been calling him a traitor for bashing GEJ. We told you these people never liked you for any reason, you were only good for their hateful cause against this admin.”

easonable #iCON Electric light bulb Flag of Nigeria

“I still don’t understand where the hate for Sowore by many lots here came from. Man hasn’t done anybody wrong but he’s the most hated activist in this clime and on this street. How can you love GEJ, BUHARI and hate Sowore. It doesn’t even make any sense.”

AyeMojubar High-heeled shoe

“2023 is most likely going to be btw Tinubu (APC), Peter Obi (PDP), Sowore (AAC). “

I am Paschal Ogechi Obi Chikero . I have written and published three books , I wrote Festus Keyamo's biography- Lion In Isolation .I have been a Reality TV show Producer/Creator, an Actor and Film Script Writer.

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