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Guru Maharaj Ji Warns Biafra And Oduduwa Republic Agitators



Guru Maharaj Ji Sends Shocking Message To Biafra And Oduduwa Republic Agitators

Sat Guru Maharaj Ji has told Biafra and Oduduwa agitator to “put their agitations aside and work for a united Nigeria.”

NAIJA NEWS NG reports that the founder of One Love Family, Mohammed Ajirobatan Ibrahim popularly as Guru Maharaj Ji and called the ‘living perfect master’ by his ardent followers said Nigeria has come to stay.

Guru Maharaj Ji said this while being interviewed by AllNews at the Mahaj Ji village along Lagos/Ibadan expressway, Ogun State.

He told those advocating for the division of to stop focusing on “issues that separate us as a people but rather use the diversity as a tool to move the country forward.”

His words: “Nigeria has come to stay, as a home for the entire human race. Hosting the Great Light for a greater part of her national sovereignty is an epoch and the crowning glory as the only nation to beat in the contemporary league of nations, notwithstanding, how daunting the challenges before her may seem to be, because, with the Light, Nigeria of today is the Creator’s project and with that as the case, Nigeria will surely navigate her away through tempestuous water to self-anchor the Noah’s Boat of our time, now on sail.

“Hence, no power can shake or dismember Nigeria’s nationhood as she gradually evolves as Creation’s stronghold and Creator’s laboratory for the crystallization of new world order the promised Kingdom of Heaven, come down to earth. The Golden Age of Life of abundance, full of love, bliss, and peace.

“In other words, unlike those who ate, dined and now claiming Nigeria is a failed state, we want them to know that hope is not lost in Project Nigeria, because by Maharaj Ji’s Grace, there is encompassing ball of Light glittering at the end of the tunnel, come what may.

“I am, therefore, calling on Nigerians to patiently eschew their differences and refrain from acts that will exacerbate acrimonious tendencies among the various constituent nationalities, rather our divisive fault lines should serve as a galvanizing watershed in our resolute drive to build a strong virile, egalitarian role-model nation in readiness to receive and welcome the human race back home, in the impending exodus that is about to begin.”

The respected spiritualist called all the leading political leaders across Nigeria to come back home to the Lotus Feet of Maharaj Ji.

“On the part of the leaders across the socio-political, economic, cultural and religious divide, it is ample time for them to shake off all forms of parochial proclivities that tend to impede on the common good and general well-being of the people and come back home to the Lotus Feet of Maharaj Ji because forced surrender has its own natural consequences, which do not augur well for a man in his recalcitrance.”

I am Paschal Ogechi Obi Chikero . I have written and published three books , I wrote Festus Keyamo's biography- Lion In Isolation .I have been a Reality TV show Producer/Creator, an Actor and Film Script Writer.

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