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How I Proposed To My Husband – Nigerian Spiritualist, Angela Nwosu



How I Proposed To My Husband - Nigerian Spiritualist, Angela Nwosu

Popular Nigerian spiritualist and sex therapist, Angela Nwosu , has revealed that she couldn’t wait for her husband to propose so she did it herself.

NAIJA NEWS NG reports that Angela Nwosu revealed this on her verified Facebook page. Read her marriage story below :

“When I newly met my husband, I told him that he would marry me. He was shocked at my guts. Baba didn’t expect me to say such a thing to him, neither did he have marriage in mind, at that time. He said he knew I was the one, but he wasn’t thinking of marriage. After telling him that he will definitely marry me, I started acting like we were already married. I would make statements like, ‘Sound, you know I am your wife’ 🤣 This my ogbanje didn’t start today, I swear. I have killer guts.

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Someone asked me if my husband proposed to me. Proposed kor, preposal ni 🤣 No be only propose. I didn’t hear the words, ‘will you marry me?’ Impatient didn’t allow me wait to get my own share of public pretense and fake tears, when he finally pops the question in a hotel room or under the bridge or at a bus stop, filled with people selling agege bread and ripped plantain 🤣
“She said when her husband Soundmind was ready, there was surprises .
“There was no surprise, I already knew. I remember the night he told me about the surprise proposal he had in mind, I laughed my mkpuru amu out, there was no need to plan a surprise proposal, as seen on Instagram, I didn’t have the time for such drama. I like my things entirely different from the regular, I don’t like 80% of what other girls like.
Dude bought me a ring months after we’ve started discussing marriage plans. I even started calling him husband, way before the ring.
He woke up one morning, and said, ‘mami, it’s time. Let’s get married’ I said okay. That was it. He didn’t propose shingbai, no time 🤣


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