How Prince Harry And Wife Could Make Huge Income Without The Royal Family

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It is no longer news that Prince Harry and his actress wife , Meghan, have announced that they will be stepping down as Senior Members of the British Royal Family . We now bring you sources they could explore to generate huge incomes.

Here are therefore the roles the media think would fetch the couple really big money whenever they go indie:

– Prince Harry as a public speaker It was gathered that he could earn about £400,000 (N189,182,240) per speaking engagement, citing that he has been known to be a good public speaker.

– Duchess Meghan as a lifestyle blogger Before their wedding, the same media reported that she was earning around £60,000 (N28,377,336) annually from her blog titled The Tig, saying that with her new status, she could even make much more.

– In the entertainment industry Meghan was said to have made £330,000 (N156,090,288.75) per series in her popular role in famous movie Suit, a price she could multiply should she consider taking up acting when they go solo. It should be noted that Prince Harry is worth around £30 million (N14,186,601,000).

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