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HUSHPUPPI : See Why Nigerians Are Roasting Daddy Freeze



Daddy Freeze In Trouble Over Hushpuppi Interview He Did In Dubai

Hushpuppi is not going down alone . Daddy Freeze the On Air Personality has been trending on Twitter for two days over an interview he did in Dubai.

Daddy Freeze interviewed Hushpuppi in Dubai, in the interview Daddy Freeze laughed when Hushpuppi said his driver earns more than a Nigerian Local Government Chairman .

“Hushpuppi driver is earning N700, 000 monthly salary, people that are abusing him are working house boy work and they pay them N35, 000 ” Daddy Freeze said in the interview.

” The salary wey my driver de collect almost near salary wey Commissioner de collect , ( Freeze laughed) , I swear, I swear, he de collect money pass Local Government Chairman , my cleaner de collect N250,000″

Hushpuppi said .

“Instead make you beg Hushpuppi make e use your papa do driver ( General Laughter ) … but na true nau , your papa de village e no get work, you go de social media de abuse pesin ” Daddy Freeze mocking haters .

Watch the video below :

This clip resurfaced on social media after he was arrested. Nigerians have been roasting Daddy Freeze since. Naija News NG brings you some of the tweets .Read below :


“The so called Daddy Freeze has always talked ill of respected men of God especially @DavidOyedepoMin and @PastorEAAdeboye … He’ll definitely reap what he sow if not to his fourth generation as generational curses still exists…”

“Daddy freeze forgot to use the same energy he used to castigate pastors about tithe to question Hushpippi about his source of wealth because his mouth is filled with chicken and 30 pieces of silver he will collect while going home. #HushpuppiArrest #DaddyFreezeDay “
“If it is to abuse RCCG and Winners Chapel, Daddy Freeze would have been everywhere today dancing and singing like Dino Melaye. Today, he is silent. Not even a simple condemnation of fraud.”
“1. Where is Daddy oni jerry curls Alatenuje? Who was promoting fraud while criticising pastors. In 2019, he did a documentary on Hushpuppi to promote the alleged fraudster. In the documentary, Daddy Freeze ridiculed hard working Nigerian youths, who accuse Hushpuppi of fraud.”
“I care less about Daddy Freeze frolicking with Hushpuppi, giggling like an overfed puppy; afterall, Hushpuppi has been with many other Nigerian leaders & celebs. What I find distasteful was his mockery of legitimate income earners – Sweating & toiling. Ă€gbĂ yĂ , olĂłjĂş pupa bĂ­ edĂ©. “
“Instead make you beg Hushpuppi make e use your papa do driver’ And Daddy Freeze laughed. But I’m not surprised. Same character who defended extorting money from upcoming artistes before airing their songs.”

I am Paschal Ogechi Obi Chikero . I have written and published three books , I wrote Festus Keyamo's biography- Lion In Isolation .I have been a Reality TV show Producer/Creator, an Actor and Film Script Writer.