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IPOB Reveals Its New Moves Towards Conducting A Referendum



IPOB Reveals Its New Moves Towards Conducting Biafra Referendum

IPOB , a proscribed group in Nigeria has announced that it is in talks with the United Nation to conduct a referendum for Biafra sovereignty .

NAIJA NEWS NG reports that Emma Powerful, the Media and Publicity Secretary of IPOB has said the group is in talks with the United Nation to come and conduct a referendum in South East Nigeria . He said efforts are in top gear to achieve this as soon as possible.

Powerful said, “It is quite clear and understandable to every citizen of Biafra and indeed the entire world that we need a referendum, where the people will exercise their right on whether or not they want self-rule or continued existence within Nigeria.”

Emma Powerful said the referendum will be conducted, supervised by the UN and will be peaceful. He said no one or tribe will be forced or intimidated to belong where they don’t want . He said the idea is to help get freedom for all not just Biafrans .

“A UN-supervised referendum is a must and a right for every human being in Nigeria to unequivocally state where they wish to belong.

“We in IPOB and Biafrans in general expect the United Nations to supervise this referendum, which will enable even those living beyond the boundaries of Biafra to equally determine their own fate. We want freedom for all, not just for Biafrans alone.”

He added that IPOB is making efforts to ensure this takes place in the shortest possible time .

“IPOB is making frantic efforts to ensure that this happens in the shortest possible time. We are not going to force or intimidate anyone or tribe because the will of the people is sacrosanct and must be respected. Each individual will be allowed to decide where he or she wishes to belong.”

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