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Malami Is Supporting The Killing By Herdsmen In South East – Gov. Umahi



Malami Is Supporting The Killing By Herdsmen In South East - Gov. Umahi

Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State has also reacted to the comment made by Abubakar Malami against the ban of open grazing in the South. 

NAIJA NEWS NG reported that Senator Enyinnanya Abaribe had earlier said the Attorney-General has a dangerous mindset. 

Now Umahi is saying anybody who doesn’t support the ban on open grazing is saying the killing in the south by Fulani herdsmen should continue. Governor Umahi also added that Fulani Herdsmen kidnapped a White Man supervising a construction work in his own village. 

“In the South, we don’t have cattle routes but in the North they have, so nobody is going to say ‘let’s ban open grazing in some areas in North where there are cattle routes the way they move constitutionally from one point to the other.

“But in the South there are no cattle routes. For you to move with your cattle from one point to the other, you have to move through farms, you have to move through population dense areas and this is not very good.

“And that’s of course what the Southern governors and in particular the South East are saying, ‘let’s go back to our traditional method of relationship.

“We will no longer allow you to take your cattle from one local government to the other. And the implication is that these foreign herders also come in terms of mobile herders with AK-47.

He also said that these killings by Fulani Herdsmen is what gave birth to Eastern Security Network, ESN.

“So anybody that says there should be no ban on open grazing is on the other hand saying that these killings should continue and that’s what gave birth to ESN whether we support it as Governors. We don’t. But the people tend to support it because of the foreign herders that pretend to be rearing cattle and they’re killing people.

“In my own village, a white man was kidnapped by these foreign herders while doing construction. And we’ve encouraged the Federal Government, let’s treat this cattle rearing as businesses.

“Take money from the Federation account and develop ranches where there are designated ranches, especially in the North and the northern governors are willing but it’s being frustrated.”

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