MIRACULOUS: 21 Companies Pledge To Sponsor The Wedding Of Couple Who Were Mocked

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A South African man proposed to his girlfriend in a KFC fast food and she accepted but an unknown person went on to mock the man using him as an example of how broke South African men are, the unknown person quoted a tweet by KFC in search of the couple.

Just like a miracle, the tweet went viral and attracted corporate bodies like DSTV, Coke Amstel Malt, SA Audi Company plus seven other companies pledging to foot the bill of their wedding .

The miracles didn’t stop there, an elite event planner in South Africa called Precious also pledged to plan the whole wedding for free! Musicians like Zakes Bantwini, Sjava and Faku all have stepped in to perform on the wedding day for free, the couple will also be getting all expense paid trips to Mozambique, Cape Town and Limpopo sponsored by different travel agencies, Wow!

Photos below :

Who says dreams don’t come true, miracles happen!

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