NIGERIA AT 59: FirstBank Creates Awareness For Made in Nigeria Textile Products

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What if Nigerian made Ankara jackets and various clothing gears make headline display in the Berlin, Tokyo, New York, London as well as Paris fashion week(s)? What if your favourite Super Hero is costumed with Ankara fabric in a Hollywood Blockbuster?  FirstBank, Nigeria’s premier financial services provider is paving the way to revive the textile industry, whilst bolstering foreign exchange opportunities for the national economy. 

In commemoration of the 59th independence anniversary of Nigeria held on 1 October 2019 and to portray the Bank’s impact across the country, in line with its celebratory 125 anniversary themed “Woven into the Fabric of Society”, First Bank of Nigeria Limited ,  set aside 2 October 2019 to have all staff wear a locally made textile attire adorned in the Bank’s 125 anniversary logo to announce to the Nigerian corporate world that time has come to grow the economy by patronizing home made products . 

Walking into FirstBank branches across Nigeria on the 2nd of October, one was greeted with elegant looking staff in blue native attires. The blue coloured material is designed with a combination of the Bank’s iconic 125 anniversary logo; meshed with the elephant head in the yellow gold dynamic shape; the figure 125 written in The Dreamer Font with the number “5” chipped out of an elephant tusk; the weaving needle; the embroidered fabrics from different cultures – Yoruba Adire, Tiv Lishi, Ghana Kente, the Scottish kilt. The vibrant colours of the logo represent the nations, peoples and the diversity we foster.

On 1 October 2019, Nigeria’s 59th Independence Anniversary day, the Elephant in Nigeria’s banking sector preceded its 2 October native textile statement with a #WhatIf campaign across the social media channels; Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, to promote the versatility and more use of local fabrics as a national symbol in our outfits, clothing accessories, household furniture and so forth. This specifically entailed the use of popular local textile materials “Adire, Ankara and Asooke” (the 3A textiles) to produce wristwatches, household furniture and fittings, car furniture production, phone pouch material etc. 

FirstBank with the #WhatIf campaign pushed Nigerian fashion Entrepreneurs to think big, creatively promoting the use of local materials in making clothing outfits in diverse and limitless ways as indeed these local fabrics are a source of foreign exchange. What if Aso Oke is used to customize the interior of luxury cars ? What if Aso Oke is used to make Friday wears of Primary School students ? What if Aso Oke is used to make Sneakers? These are questions FirstBank has made Nigerians ponder. 

Backing words with action, over 18,000 staff of FirstBank and the FBNHoldings’ group took part in the activity to exemplify the Bank’s deeply rooted contribution to the growth of the textile industry in the country.

It is no doubt pertinent to note that the Bank is indeed proud to celebrate Nigeria, a nation that it predated as an institution. The native attire fashion statement by FirstBank and the FBNHoldings group is rooted in our trust in the diverse opportunities the textile industry provides as indeed its contribution to national growth and development, vis-à-vis the job opportunities, youth and women empowerment, entrepreneurship cannot be overemphasized

The Bank is indeed honored to have been woven into the Fabric of Society in the last 125 years and is committed to keep promoting activities and opportunities that contribute to the growth of the textile industry in the country.

The Elephant is on the move connecting every fabric of society! 

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