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Good morning Nigerians, here is a compilation of top 5 trending Nigerian news this morning, 31 of October 2019. Read below:

Hadi Sirika: Arik Air not suitable for national carrier

Hadi Sirika: Arik Air not suitable for national carrier

Hadi Sirika, the minister of aviation, says the federal government has no intentions to convert Arik Air into a national carrier.

Fielding questions from journalists at the end of the federal executive council (FEC) meeting on Wednesday, the minister said Arik Air will not be suitable for the carrier that the ministry is planning.

Ahmed Kuru, the managing director of the Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), had urged the federal government to use the airline as a stepping stone in its quest to own a national carrier.

“The carrier that I intend to bring is such a carrier that will support the national economy, with $450 million GDP for 200million people, very equipped to compete favourably,” he said.

“The international airlines that have dominated Africa, 80% of those airlines are non-African. In view of the AU Agenda 2063, the Single African Aviation Market, we thought that there will be an airline that will take up that challenge; that will take advantage of it and be able to provide services to our people.

“Nigeria, being the first country to kick-start the declaration in 1999, to establish a one common market in Africa; at the time, we wanted to take advantage of the Nigeria Airways which was the strongest airline on the continent, and we thought that we could take advantage of that and it would pay Nigeria very well. Tables turned, decisions were reversed and now, Nigeria was unlucky to have an airline that can participate in that manner.

“So, the answer to your question is that Arik, as presently constituted, is not in line with the thinking of the ministry. It will not be able to give us that airline that we need. However, Arik as an entity, since it is private-sector driven, can either buy shares in the new ventures or invest in any manner in the business as presently approved.

“We are not saying once we have a national carrier, every other airline goes down. No. It is our duty to continue to support businesses.”

The federal government had unveiled the national carrier’s name and logo at the Farnborough International Airshow in London in July 2018 and plans for the airline was suspended in September of the same year.

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Pregnancy claim: Keep my family name out of your mouth, Davido warns Ogundamisi


Singer, Davido and public commentator, Kayode Ogundamisi have been embroiled in a war of words on Twitter over the video showing the arrest of two ladies, Susan and Helen, who had last week claimed that Davido had got one of them pregnant.

Reacting to the video of the arrest of the ladies, Ogundamisi had on Tuesday tweeted, “Imagine @iam_Davido as first Cousin in @StateofOsun with his Uncle @IsiakaAdeleke1 as Governor. And @MBuhari is meant to be the tyrant o!”

In response, Davido bashed Ogundamisi and asked him to keep his family’s name out of his lips. Davido quoted Ogundamisi’s tweet and wrote, “It pains you that someone half your age that you can give birth to is greater than you. Now keep my family name out (of) your mouth! Your whole life earnings no reach 30 per cent of my show money and it hurts I know.”

In the video, the two ladies were seen handcuffed to each other and trying to hide their faces, even as Davido’s hypeman, Spesh, threatened to slap one of them and also listed the allegations against the ladies.

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The Lagos police on Tuesday had condemned the ‘parade’ of the ladies, saying it was wrong for a citizen to parade a fellow citizen. He added that the ladies could sue Davido and Spesh over the ‘parade.’

It would be recalled that in 2018, Davido’s uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke had contested for the office of the governor of Osun State on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party. He lost to Governor Gboyega Oyetola of the All Progressives Congress.

See tweets:


It pains you that someone half ur age that you can give birth too is Greater than you will ever be … U are a loser , a disappointment…… ur are useless ! Now keep my family name out ur mouth ! Ur whole life earnings no reach 30 percent of my show money and it hurts I know …Kayode Ogundamisi@ogundamisiImagine @iam_Davido as first Cousin in @StateofOsun with his Uncle @IsiakaAdeleke1 as Governor.

And @MBuhari is meant to be the tyrant o! …
12.4K10:06 AM – Oct 30, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy5,727 people are talking about this

Kayode Ogundamisi@ogundamisi

Imagine @iam_Davido as first Cousin in @StateofOsun with his Uncle @IsiakaAdeleke1 as Governor.

And @MBuhari is meant to be the tyrant o! …Jack Obinyan-Buhari @JackObinyanAfter the public apology, why will the girls be handcuffed and dehumanized in that manner? Davido is crap! who arrested him for all the nonsense he said during the Osun elections?…Men I dislike this guy now…Mtcheeew!92212:41 PM – Oct 29, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy909 people are talking about this

Probe: Ambode’s lawyer denied entry to committee room

By Oziegbe Okoeki

Lawyer to immediate past governor of Lagos state, Akinwunmi Ambode on Wednesday appeared for the sitting of the joint committee of the state House of Assembly probing expenditures of the past governor but was not allowed into the committee room.

The joint committee has however adjoined its probe indefinitely in deference to a state high court ruling Wednesday morning that status-quo should be maintained.

The lawyer, Mr. Olaniran Obele from the chambers of Mr. Tayo Oyetibo (SAN), Counsel to former governor Akinwunmi Ambode, protested that they were not allowed into the committee meeting.

Speaking with the press, Obele said, “we came to represent Ambode but the officials of the House of Assembly in a military manner prevented us from entering the committee room.

“We brought processes from the court and letters to serve on the committee chairman and the speaker but they refused to accept validly issued court document, letter containing what the court has said to them but we were not allowed to go in.

“The former governor respects the House, he has sent his lawyer to inform the committee set up by the House that this is what transpired in the court, it is out of courtesy that we have come”, Obele said.

“We were around, while the preliminary of the proceeding was on, but we were not allowed in. We didn’t come here to submit court proceedings alone, but we came to represent the former governor. If they didn’t take any step, we don’t have problem with that, but it would be very sad if they took any action,” he said.

The court gave its ruling Wednesday in response to the prayers of former governor Akinwunmi Ambode, who sued the Assembly, which summoned him to appear before its committee yesterday over the purchase of 820 buses without the approval of the House.

The House had threatened to issue a warrant of arrest on Ambode if he fails to appear on Wednesday after a public invitation advertised in about ten newspapers on Sunday.

Addressing journalists after adjoining till further notice, Chairman of the committee, Hon. Fatai Mojeed said the House sent its legal team to represent the House in the court.

“We started late because before we commenced sitting we had to get feedback from our legal team that went to the court and from the feedback from our lawyers we have to adjoin the sitting till further notice in respect of the court ruling.

“We are lawmakers, we are not lawbreakers, we have to respect the court opinion, so that is why we adjoin till further notice. Lagosians should be expecting more from us,” he said.

On why the governor’s lawyer was not allowed into the committee room, Mojeed said it is against the business rule of the House.

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There should be zoning in 2023, says Sani

Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) chieftain Senator Shehu Sani spoke with Assistant Editor BLESSING OLAIFA in Abuja on national security, border closure, zoning and the challenges facing the Buhari administratiion. Here is the excerpt :

What is your take on Professor Ango Abdullahi’s declaration that there is nothing wrong for the north to hold on to power beyond 2023?

Well, first of all, Professor Ango is my uncle, and my leader and my teacher and I have a lot of respect for him. But, my position on this is that President Muhammadu Buhari came to power with the support of the South. It would be logical enough that we understand the diversities of Nigeria, and the need to always balance our own personal interests and agenda with the need to sustain the unity, peace and orderliness of the country.

The concept of rotation of power is simply to give every section of the country the opportunity and ability to feel that yes, we are equal stakeholders in the enterprise called Nigeria. If one part of the country now continue to dominate the political sphere, they can take the mantle of leadership, but they will not be able to have the peace to preside over the affairs of the country forever. It is possible for the North to produce the President in 2023 on these conditions, which I am going to give. Number one, is the disunity of the South. Number two is the lack of coordination in the major political parties, and then, number three, it simply has to do with the unpreparedness of the southern political leaders to take over the mantle. If such things happened, then, the predictions will come to pass.

But for now, I think it is ideal that we respect the principles of rotation of power between the North and the South. If we do that then, we will be fine. But, the Northern political elite are selling the idea that there should be no rotation of power. But, what are the Southern political elite doing?  If they do not do anything, then certainly, the Northern political establishments are going to have their way.

A lot of meetings are going on in the North today, and I can tell you that they are gaining traction. And part of the reasons for some of them who told me was that they believe that this government has served more people in the South than it has served people in the North. So, that is the argument, which many of them have given and you see sometimes, words have life. If a prominent Northerner who is well respected now averred that we are not going to respect the principle of rotation of power and the North will continue to have it forever, if you do not have a strong counter-argument on that, it will settle in the minds of the people. So, as far as I am concerned, there is the need for Northern and Southern leaders, traditional rulers, religious leaders, and politicians to come together and discuss Nigeria. Where do we head from here?

Governance is such a serious business that you should not leave it to politicians alone to decide. I think it is ideal. For instance, what stops the leaders of Afenifere, and Ohaneze visiting Ango Abdullahi in his house in Zaria and discuss with him? What stops the leaders from the North moving to Chief E.K Clark house in Abuja or down there in the Southsouth to discuss with him? These are issues that I believe we should resolve. But, we should understand that, if one part of the country is not prepared to rotate power to another part of the country, we are simply setting a road map to chaos and crisis in Nigeria. That is my view.

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Dangote Won’t Build Oil Pipelines For Refinery -Report

Dangote Refinery says it will not use pipelines to convey petroleum
products from its refinery to consumers.

Executive Director of Dangote Group, Devakumar Edwin, said the company
would use shuttle boats and expanded road networks to move products to
different parts of the country.

According to Reuters, Edwin said fuels would go via “shuttle” vessels
to Warri and Calabar, while other deliveries would go in trucks.

He stated this while speaking at the Offshore Trading Logistics Expo
in Lagos on Tuesday, disclosing that the company is fixing and
expanding one of the current roads to Lekki, while the Lagos State
government will build another toll road to aid shipments.

“That’s going to reduce a lot of congestion,” Edwin said.

He noted that the refinery would eliminate fuel imports from other regions.

“Those who are importing today… can buy from our refinery,” he added.

“We can export the product all over the world. So there is no need for
us to (blindly) compete with the local production.”

Beyond producing fuel from fossils, the company is also planning to
extract ethanol from a sugar and molasses plant in Adamawa. It has
also integrated blending plants as well.

Current requirements demand that fuel be mixed with 10 percent ethanol
and diesel be blended with 20 percent biodiesel.

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