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Nigerian Witch, Angela Nwosu , Opens Coven For Women



Nigerian Witch, Angela Nwosu , Opens Coven For Women

Angela Nwosu the popular Facebook user and Amadioha worshiper, has hit the bull’s eye again with her controversial statements .

Remember she once said said that her fiancé must take some bath in a river for three consecutive days to qualify to marry her.  She is now married and her life is full of luxury , joy and adoration for her husband, Soundmind .

Naija News NG reports that Angela Nwosu is back on the front page with another controversial statement , this time Angela Nwosu said she is a Witch and has created a witchcraft coven strictly for women. She gave out the requirements needed for a woman who must be 23 or above to join.

See the screen shot

Angela Nwosu also in another post explained the kind of person she is . Read her words below :

“I am someone who is interested in anything mysterious or ‘veiled’. I have been on the mission to discover the ‘veiled’ part of myself, like the shadow. And so far, I am very well, succeeding.
My practices are related to energy; like cleansing, moving, driving, liberating, centering, controlling and purifying energy. I am not where I want to be yet, but I’m almost there🙂

We are all unique. We all have energy vibrations, some are positive, others are negative. One of the best gifts in life, is the ability to tap into our core essence.
How well do you know your spiritual vibrations? Ponder over it😊”

Angela Nwosu has always proudly declared herself a witch, below is a post she made on 1 June 2019, a year ago.


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