Nigerian Youths And Matters Arising From Big Brother Naija

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With the just concluded Big Brother Naija reality Tv Show , we can confidently conclude that Nigerian youths are not interested in investing more energy into politics. 

About 250 million votes were generated during the 99 days the show lasted . Ask yourself, how many young Nigerians voted in the controversial 2019 presidential election? 

We say the youths don’t have jobs, how can they finance a young person to be President but when you consider the fact that Multi Choice made over N5 billion Naira from SMS alone then you understand that we just are not ready to change Nigeria ! 

If we crowdfund any candidate with only N1000 Naira each, that candidate will battle cash for cash with any corrupt old man the political elites present. 

Nigerian youths must take this Big Brother Nigeria show as an indication that shows we can move any mountain when we unite to change something and actually start building the political octopus that will unite every young person in Nigeria .

That force will revolutionize Nigeria !    

Again we can see that Nigerians absolutely trusted the voting system of the #BBNaija . INEC Nigeria should see this as a good thing . Electronic voting is safer and easier for Nigerians . If we have confidence that no one will tamper with the votes, it’s a gold mine!

Written by Pascha Ogechi Chikero Obi . 

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