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Nigerians Accuse Awkuzu SARS Officer Of Killing 6000 People



Nigerians Accuse, Awkuzu SARS Officer Of Killing 6000 People

Awkuzu SARS is trending for the wrong reason. A lady, Obianuju, accused, CSP James Nwafor of either killing or knowing the where about of her brother.

This sparked off a trend, people started sharing the horrible experiences they had in the hand of Awkuzu SARS officers. NAIJA NEWS NG brings you their tweets below :

“Again I repeat,@anambrastate_ and @GovObiano
should allow justice to prevail! Stop shielding

! Let him answer for all the people he has killed in Awkuzu SARS! Let him give account of his abuse of office and power!”

Obinuju continued :
“However as long as I live, this man must answer for my brother’s whereabouts one day! He must answer and that day will be soon. I won’t relent or rest. Dead or alive, he must give us answers. #WhereisChijioke”
Savn Daniel @savndaniel

“Dear Chief and Mentor @AbdulMahmud01

The Great Oracle, Respectfully sir, having known you as the voice of the voiceless and a miracle worker in crude matters of this nature, I humbly ask that you go through this thread, and ensure that justice is served. Thank you exceedingly.”

“UPDATE: I have received more than 20 calls from concerned Nigerians telling me that they know

, whilst at Awkuzu SARS Unit, Anambra State. Reports shows that James Nwafor killed more than 6,000 people throughout his reign in Anambra State. That is just an aside “

Bill Achusim @BillAchusim
“We have been complaining about Awkuzu Sars since 2009. These people were notorious for what was or is still called the “Acid Well”. An underground pit of corrosive acids where suspects are dumped dead or alive if the family doesn’t come up with millions within 48 hours.”

EzeNwanyi @IamEzeNwanyi
“That James Nwafor had people’s sons killed and dumbed in a river!!!! Awkuzu SARS was the worst! He should be brought to book” 
shades of black @JustUhuru


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