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Nigerians Back Sacked Ganduje Media Aide, Dawisu



Nigerians Back Sacked Ganduje Media Aide, Dawisu

Abdullahi Ganduje’s suspended Special Adviser on Media, Salihu Yakasai a.k.a Dawisu , is trending on twitter this morning, 12, 10,20202.

Dawisu was suspended by Governor Ganduje for tweeting negative comments about President Buhari during the now viral #EndSARS protests. Read twitter below:

“I’ve never seen a govt with zero empathy like that of Buhari,” Salihu Tanko Yakasai, a special adviser to Ganduje on media, tweeted with his verified Twitter handle @Dawisu on Saturday.

“So many times when his people are going through difficult time and expect some sort of shoulder to reassure them that he is in charge, but he failed to do so.”

Here are tweets by Nigerians who support him as curated by NAIJA NEWS NG .
Dan SarkiPrince

You’ve been the most loyal servant to your boss, but today you got a wrong payback for speaking with the best interest of humanity.
The voice you lend might not be good to some but it’s heard my many.
You’ve not lost the job sir, the job looses you.PeacockPeacock

Ƴ Ʋ Ƨ Ʋ Ғ 💥
Dawisu has seen it all with Ganduje, he stood by this man through the dollar-saga, when everyone faulted Ganguje for dethroning SLS, he stood by him. When the people of Kano felt misrepresented, Dawisu defended his boss.”

Today, he’s been suspended for tweeting his ‘own opinion’ on #SARSMUSTEND. These people are too quick to forget. They forget how we endured long standing hours in the sun to vote them into office. They
forget everything except their personal interest.
Lets remind them of our #5for5 demand. Lets remind Buhari that we’re not lazy, Lets demand more from the Minister of Police Affairs. May our #prayerwalk never b in vain”


“You’ve been the most loyal servant to Ganduje but today you got suspended for speaking the truth, we stand with you sir and your love for humanity will definitely pay back, all lives matterFlexed biceps


Shams A Imam
Suspending someone for speaking the truth tells a lot about the current state of our democracy. Looks like we no longer have freedom of expression. We have to stand together and change the narrative else, we will continue living in bondage & fear.

The air we breathe is literally laced with hypocrisyPerson facepalmingLoudly crying face. Loyalty is high priced these days due to actions like this.

** iCons 4eva **

“#IStandWithDawisu What happened to
now is just a pure indication that these leaders do not want us to speak the truth..You stole millions of Dollars, he stood by you during your hideous crimes but saying a simple truth for the interest of the people, he got suspended..”

Bashir Ahmad
“Don’t have a hand in what happened to my brother Salihu Tanko Yakasai (Dawisu) as some tweets appeared on my TL suggested, he is a friend not from yesterday, but from many years, and we will remain so, as long as we all breath.”


“Bigger things will come your way Sir. Gandollar is not the way to your destiny. God pass him #IStandWithDawisu #SARSMUSTEND”


“I just want to say that Dawisu would still have his job if he was working under Gov Nasir Elrufai -#IStandWithDawisu”

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