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Nigerians Blast Tinubu For Saying He Doesn’t Believe In One Nigeria



Nigerians Blast Tinubu For Saying He Doesn't Believe In One Nigeria

Bola Ahmed Tinubu said in an interview with ThisDay on April 13 1997 that he doesn’t believe in Nigeria .

NAIJA NEWS NG brings you reaction of Nigerians on Twitter . Read below :

Jackson Ude
“In 1997, BolaTinubu did not believe in One Nigeria!”


“In 1997, BolaTinubu did not believe in One Nigeria!

This are people who has continued to deceive the innocent people in that contraption called Nig the British nigger eara just because of their personal interest not that they don’t know that nig will never work


Farooq Kperogi, Ph.D
“Nigerian politicians are shamelessly situational “patriots.” They’re irredentists when they’re outside the orbit of power and exaggerated “patriots” when they have access to the public till. A man who didn’t believe in Nigeria when he didn’t have his way now wants to lead it. Ha!”

Basil Akpaka Basil Jnr N.

“No Nigerian leader today believes in one Nigeria in its real sense of being ONE NIGERIA. It is just a means to an end. So, blame not Tinubu. He said this when he was in his right senses. Right now, it’s all about DOING ANYTHING POSSIBLE to get his hands on the national coffers.”

Oduduwa Republic

“We can’t trust a man like Tinubu in our coming NATION ODUDUWA REPUBLIC.
thank you sir for this piece.



DavidG@Oliver Chukuebuka

“April 13, 1997 Tinubu maintained he don’t believe in one Nigeria but then after he looted Lagos State from 1999 till today he has been singing the song of one Nigeria to the detriment of all Oduduwas.

-Simon Ekpa
In Biafra Lies The Hope
-Changing The Narrative Of Yesterday-”

President One.acre says Free Dadiyata

“Who really believes in One Nigeria?

Tinubu has some explanation to do: Babachir Lawal may not take this 1997 publication lightly.

Tinubu the Traitor 2023.”

eejay Anayochukwu

“If Tinubu mistakenly rules this country Hitler wld seen as an angel compared to his leadership style.

If it must be SW, give us a less selfish, egocentric and acquisitive mind.”

Ifemosu Michael Adewale Hundred points symbolEarth globe europe-africaRaised fist⚓Palm tree
“Situational Patriots” “transactional citizens”

If you want to Die, start Dying Now. Tinubu by God’s Grace will Never be Nigeria’s President. #RevolutionNow”

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