Nnamdi Kanu Is Working For Israel To Colonise Igbos

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In December 2018, I went to Enugu for the burial of         father and it was an awesome experience. That was the second time I went to Enugu. The first was while I was the President of Press Club in FGC Okigwe, I and some of my Executives traveled from Okigwe to FGC Enugu to invite the students for a show we were organising  then.

On my way back from Enugu in 2018, there was a wicked traffic that built up to Abia Tower. Getting to almost at Abia Tower, I saw an Igbo man, I mean a full grown man wearing the white shawl with tassels that Jews wear with that small white cap they use to cover the top of their head.

The site shattered my heart ! I was wondering why Igbos are easily deceived , why do we love everything except that which is originally ours? How did we even become this foolishly religious ? In Nigeria, it is the Igbos who practice most foreign religion and ignore those of their ancestors. 

You will see Igbos in all the churches – Catholics, Anglican, and Pentecostals. 

Igbos are still the ones that who you find  in Islam, Judaism and all the foreign lodges but they are ashamed of their tradition! It is Igbos that the custodians of their culture , the Igwes and Ezes , pray in the name of Jesus and Yah! 

Ooni of Ife had his own Christianity days but you can never see him pray openly in the name of Jesus . A traditional throne must remain traditional if you can’t do what it takes don’t take the crown! You can’t see Oba of Benin praying in the name of Jesus or Yah. 

This hatred for everything traditionally indigenous to us is what made it easier for an Nnamdi Kanu to come in with this useless and deceptive narrative of Igbos being Jews of Africa! 

He knows that Igbos will accept anything foreign and will believe anything that links them to any foreign land . He is trying to help Israel recolonise Igbos with Judaism. He is using Judaism as the currency to buy Israel’s support at leats that’s what his foot soldiers believe .

The truth is, he is not! He is helping Israel take over our land . These Caucasians are not smiling . Look at everywhere they went to , they never live. South Africa is one of the latest examples. 

Black people disappear everywhere these Caucasians step in and within the next 100 years you will see none, where they remain, they will be slaves to the Whites. 

Igbo land is the first, the land of the children of the Sun, Heliopolis , the land of the Rising Sun, they know how special we are and how powerful our land is so they want it . Remember the title of the Biafra war movie by Holywood ? Tears Of The Sun. They are positioning our minds outside while they want to come and take over our land.

Igbo man wake up ! 

Written by Oge Paschal Chikero Obi

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