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OYEDEPO :You Are Under Curse If You Don’t Tithe, Nigerians Fire Back



OYEDEPO :You Are Under Curse If You Don't Tithe, Nigerians Fire Back

David Oyedepo founder of Living Faith Church also known as Winners Chapel has said when you don’t pay tithe, you are under a curse. 

NAIJA NEWS NG reports that he said this on Twitter . Most Nigerians on Twitter disagreed with Bishop Oyedepo . Read the conversation below :


Tosin Olugbenga @TosinOlugbenga
“Dearly Respected Bishop, I understand the biblical instruction requesting the some tribes in Israel to pay tithe. But I believe in this dispensation of salvation and grace,non tithing should not result to financial curse. Tithing is not a criteria to be blessed In Christ”
Tosin Olugbenga @TosinOlugbenga
“If not engaging in Tithing would put someone under financial curse, then the death of Jesus is in vain. Galatians 3:13 : Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us—for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who is hanged on a tree”— We are FREE!”
Ultimate Kombo @ultimate_kombo
“This topic of tithing is very funny, because your greedy pastor who want you to come and give him money in form of tithe so that he can buy fuel for his private Jet will never show you this part of the Bible. If you must obey this law do it right”
Tosin Olugbenga @TosinOlugbenga
‘I learnt during lockdown a church created USSD for members Tithing and Offering. How do they pay when they’re not working? Isn’t the church supposed to come to the rescue of members by providing palliatives to help during the #COVID19 pandemic. What would JESUS do?”
IFA FUNSHO @funshographix

The Polymath @Cappadiszle
“Tithing cannot create wealth! Wealth creation occurs when you deploy capital to create value. When X gives 1/10 of his earnings to your church, there’s no production or investment, thus he has not created value, but only enriched you. Tithing is a church sponsored ponzi scheme.” 
paschal oge chikero @paschalchikero

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