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Primate Ayodele Prophesied Donald Trump’s Loss A Year Ago (VIDEO)



How Primate Ayodele Prophesied Donald Trump’s Loss A Year Ago (VIDEO)

Primate Ayodele has once again added another feat as His prophecy on the outcome of the Election in United States comes to pass.

Apart from the advice He gave to Donald Trump and Joe Biden few days to the election, Primate Ayodele had foretold in 2019 that He sees Donald Trump losing the election to a strong candidate of the Democrat party.

In a video interview conducted by Legit TV in 2019 and posted on the Youtube channel, Primate Ayodele said categorically that if Republican allows Donald Trump as their candidate, He will lose.



Joe Biden was declared as the winner of the election after defeating Donald Trump


Also, apart from this, in a publication culled from Global excellence website, He stated that He sees Donald Trump losing to a strong Democrat Candidate.

In his words

‘British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson may not finish his first term because they would not want him to. I see that Russia is attacked. Ukraine and America will have issues.

I see massive protests against the policies of Boris Johnson and American president, Donald Trump. Trump’s second term is uncertain. There will be an attempt to impeach Trump but I see him surviving the plot. I see a serious candidate from the Democrat unseating him in the 2020 election’’ (Culled From November 7,2019  Publication)



As the man of God said it, It has come to pass, the Prophecy started coming to pass with the impeachment threat which Donald Trump survived and now, his loss to Democrat party candidate, Joe Biden in the 2020 USA Election.

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