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See Photos Of Bad Roads In Owerri, Imo State



See Photos Of Bad Roads In Owerri, Imo State

An Imo State based Facebook user, Okoro Wisdom Uche , posted photos of the present condition of major roads in Owerri , Imo State. 

NAIJA NEWS NG brings you his words below :

“This is Nekede/Ihiagwa, down to Obinze road, in Owerri west Local government area of Imo state. For over a decade now, this road has never been attended to in a way that suggest the government really want to fix it.

Nekede/Ihiagwa road is one of the busiest roads in Imo state, leading to A federal university of technology, a federal polytechnic, a monastery, a police training school, an industrial/business cluster, one of the biggest market in Owerri, one of the best seminary Bethel and a whole lot of other public and private establishments, yet the government hasn’t deemed it fit to fix this road for good.

This road is the only express way to most villages in the local government area. While coming from the Owerri capital city through this road, you’ll first meet Umudibia Nekede, then Umuoma Nekede, Ihiagwa, Eziobodo, Okolochi, Emeabiam, Umuokpor, Umunoha and Obinze… The indigenes of these villages are in tears, agony and filled with sadness because of the bad state of this road. The road has gotten too bad to an extent that the muddy water and sand now flows into people’s living houses and compounds. This road has gotten so bad that, passerby’s do not even see a space to put their legs while using the road.

We’re not talking about vehicles and motorcycles… Those ones find it difficult to use this road because of the ugly state and concurrent damage it causes to their vehicles. Now the few commercial motorist that had to summon courage to use this roads charge exorbitantly to render transportation services to people within this area.

Before now, transportation fare from Umudibia to Owerri used to be #50 (fifty naira only) as time elapsed and the road started getting worse, it rose to #100 (hundred naira only). But as i type, the motorist here charge as much as #300 (three hundred naira) and a few others #400 (four hundred naira) from Umudibia Nekede to Owerri capital city.. A 15 minutes drive journey. Do we blame the motorist, definitely NO, we should blame the government for this difficult situation our people are facing.

When Hon Emeka Ihedioha was declared winner of the 2019 guber election in Imo state, he promised to fix this road. A few months later, work began, drainages were constructed and red mud were applied. The people of Nekede and other neighboring communities rejoiced and supported the contractors. Most of us had to volunteer to work for them free of charge just to ensure the road was fixed. I personally had to wake up every morning, stand in front of Assemblies junction to control traffic for the contractors, free of charge, all was aimed at ensuring nothing stops them from fixing this road… But our hopes was cut short when the former governor was dismissed.

The announcement of governor Hope Uzodimma gave us fresh hopes, after all, he would have mercy on us and continue to fix this road, but things maybe didn’t work out as we hoped and now we’re in severe pain over this road.

We’re suffering, our people are having a tough time because of this road, shops and stores situated along this road doesn’t make sales anymore because people do not ply the road to buy goods from the stores. Everyone is crying, the poor persons can’t afford #300 to and #300 fro for just transportation to Owerri capital city.

We government’s urgent intervention on this road, for crying out loud, this is a busy road. I wonder what these whole situation would look like when school finally resume and students flood everywhere again.

The good people of Nekede and other neighboring communities call on His Excellency, Governor Hope Uzodimma, to please use his good office to attend to our needs, please sir come and help the lives of these poor masses. Fix this road and make this situation easier for us. We’ll forever be grateful if you do.



See Photos Of Bad Roads In Owerri, Imo State

See Photos Of Bad Roads In Owerri, Imo State


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