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See Why Igbo Is Trending Plus Nnamdi Kanu’s Response



See Why Igbo Is Trending Plus Nnamdi Kanu's Response

Again Igbo is trending on Twitter . NAIJA NEWS NG has curated tweets on the Igbo trends. Read below : 


Another post that is getting much attention, is a tweet that shows that no Igbo man was present in the virtual meeting Buhari held with former Heads of States and Presidents.

Miyamoto Musashi
“Someone sent me this video,I thought this boy had finally changed only to be sent this video ,he’s in London creating confusion and hate fabricating history to suite his own hate for the igbos ,this boy who claims he’s the grandson of late Chief Awolowo ,I they sorry for you”

Ilorin Edibles Electric plug

“Two men.
Different tribes.
One goal – to cause chaos.
One incites the Yorubas against the Igbos.The other incites the Igbos against the entire nation.And guess what, none of them lives in Nigeria.They are both abroad, inciting violence, and the gullible fall for it.
Before you”

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

“Since 2015, Igbos/Biafrans constitute the vast MAJORITY of those KILLED by #SARS & the Army. So, now that virtually all Nigerian TRIBES (except the #Fulani) have joined together to #EndSARS, why would some people think that NDIGBO or #Biafrans must NOT get involved?”


“That Igbo Yoruba alliance we’ve been avoiding has to happen.”

aloy ejimakor

“We’re not unaware of attempt to cause ETHNIC divisions over (#EndSARS). We should be careful NOT to play into the hands of those who have EXPLOITED our peoples through DIVIDE & RULE over the years” – Afenifere.

I told you! It’s no longer possible to pit #YORUBA against #IGBO.”
Trouble Maker Unamused face (G.O)

“That guy that made a video threatening Igbo people

When will he get arrested

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