How To Start A Multi Million Naira Blog With Just N10,000

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Starting a blog in Nigeria at this time when the economic situation is unpredictable is like the best thing to do.  We all need multiple streams of income. You can start your blog with no cash at all or spend as little as N10,000.

If you are someone who loves to share information with family and friends, someone who loves to comment on current affairs on social media, someone who has a special knowledge on something and loves talking about it, this is the life changing article of your life. Eziokwu (Truth in Igbo).

A blog is an information sharing digital platform that could give you an influential voice, land you your dream job and make you an authority in a particular niche. You can become a respected, highly paid Speaker from blogging, you can also land in Banana Island like Linda Ikeji by just blogging. Don’t get it twisted, blogging is not beans, it is not  moi moi….. it requires focus and consistent production of quality contents.

Here are how you can start your own free blog or spend as little as N10,000.

1- Choose A Topic :

blog topic

This is where a lot people get it wrong. Looking back today, I can tell you that I got it wrong at this point. I started blogging in 2011 on Blogger . My print journalism background made me start a general news blog in 2012 called Chikeroh . I didn’t know about niche blogging as at that time and coming from a news background, I thought that was what I wanted but with time, I discarded the site. My news blog was doing well financially at least it was my only source of income with which I took care of my bills as a family man with three kids in school and changed four cars in three years .

I discovered that I wasn’t getting the satisfaction I wanted from it. I wanted to really make an impact in people’s lives. This is where you ask yourself what problem you want to help people solve and it can be in any topic. You can create a blog on pets, make up, shoes, ladies bags, jewelries, small business, music, films, politics etc. Choose what you have passion for or a topic you are ready to spend years studying and talking about.

2- Choose Your Host And Domain Name :


After settling for a topic or niche, you have to choose what you want to call your blog and where to host this wonderful blog you are pregnant with. If you don’t have any money, you can still start a blog by  using or the free WordPress. It is very easy to set up. The problem here is that you don’t have full control over your contents. If you can spare as little as N3,500 you can get hosted in Nigeria and start your professional blog. People like Linda Ikeji have made billions of naira on Google’s free platform, Blogger so it is not a sin to go that route.

There is a hosting package for N3,500 per year in Nigeria. It gives you 10 G disc space and 30 G bandwidth but it doesn’t offer free domain. You have to pay for a domain name if you are going professional . It will cost you N4000 per year but if you are using Blogger or the free WordPress, you can get that free.

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3- Web Design :


If you are on the Blogger or free WordPress package, this stage is easy. Just go to design and customize the theme you choose. If you want to go pro, you could either go for a free wordpress theme which is what I recommend since we are talking about how to start your blog with N10, OOO. You would also need to get someone with web designing knowledge to help you create your menu, download wordpress etc or better still google how to set up a wordpress site and do it yourself. Google has made it cheaper! You need to know that paid themes are more optimized for SEO. You can get that when you start making money.

4- Creating Contents :


This is where the work starts they say but I prefer blogging like a boss to blogging like a slave. I have tested the two so I can tell you. I used to knock down 15 posts a day when I was in the news niche now a post a day is perfect . News blogs are more content hungry than authority blogs. Authority blogs need the right contents and they keep getting you traffic even years after. You need to work on what is known as pillar articles which are articles that teaches people how to do something, ways to do something, list of something in your niche. This articles never fail !

5- Content Distribution And Marketing :


Days are gone when you write a post and go to bed and expect magic to happen. Today, distribution is as important as the content itself. You have to set up accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram etc . Use these platforms as your display shops. Blogs are now like your warehouse where you store your goods, social media platforms are now your display shops. If you get this right, you will be happy with your traffic.

6- Networking :


No man is an island. You can’t survive in this game all by yourself. You have to reach out to other bloggers in your niche.

7-  Traffic :




Your blog needs to be positioned to attract organic traffic from search engines like Google. You need back links to your blog . To get this, you need to do these: you have to write articles for other bigger blogs in your niche  . This will get you popular and back links. Always drop comments on other blogs in your niche and submit your blog to blog directories like Bloglovin.





8- Monetize Your Blog :


Yesss ! This is the pomo in this Ogbolo soup. Every blogger wants to know how to get the blogging pay. The good news is there are a lot of  ways to make money from your  blog. Google Adsene is one, sign up . You will get links that needs to be pasted on your blog, you will get paid per click.

You can also make money from affiliate marketing. Platforms like Konga and Jumia can give you product links and you get paid a percentage from every purchase. Some bloggers have made millions with this in Nigeria.

You also can make money from your blog by creating E-books on any sub topic in your niche. This is a gold mine especially if well written. You can use your blog to market your e-book.

You can also offer a service or become a consultant. Niche blogs can turn you into an authority and this can get you speaking engagements and consultancy offers.

Now you see there is no reason to keep procrastinating, you can start your blog for free or with as little as N10,000!

Drop a comment below and tell me what I missed or ask any question.


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