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TB Joshua Begins Prayer For Covid-19 Patients In Isolation Centres



TB Joshua Begins Prayer For Covid-19 Patients In Isolation Centres

Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua has offered ‘virtual prayer’ for healing for those afflicted with COVID-19 in an Isolation Centre in Honduras, Central America.

A video posted to Emmanuel TV’s YouTube Channel showed the prominent cleric praying for bedridden patients hooked up to oxygen tanks and surrounded by hospital staff heavily laden with protective gear.

“Where can we go from God’s presence? Distance is not a barrier because He is Spirit,” TB Joshua declared in front of several huge screens relaying in real-time the footage from the several wards within the Honduran Isolation Centre.

“By the power of the Holy Spirit – that affliction, that COVID-19 – be flushed out,” he prayed stretching forth his hands towards the dozens of patients on the multiple screens at the Emmanuel TV Studios in Lagos, Nigeria, in a program tagged ‘Interactive Prayer Session’.

During the prayer – which was translated simultaneously into Spanish – several patients began to involuntarily ‘vomit’ whilst others rose to their feet from their hospital beds, waved their hands joyously and removed the oxygen apparatus fixed to their nose as a sign of “supernatural healing”.

“Jesus that has freed you will help you to maintain your miracle. Make the Word of God the standard for your life,” Joshua counselled after declaring dozens of COVID-19 patients “free”.

“I sensed the healing and delivering power of God,” explained Aracely, one of the Honduran patients, after the prayer. “I felt my lungs fill up with air… I’m no longer using the oxygen mask,” she testified.

“I couldn’t go to the toilet before but immediately after the prayer, I felt like rushing to the toilet,” another patient immediately acknowledged. “I passed out a lot of foul substance – that was the power of the prayer.”

“I saw a white light that illuminated me and asked me to remove my oxygen mask,” another lady stated. “I’m not choking any longer,” she excitedly stated, with others testifying their sense of smell and taste was restored and their strength revitalized following the prayer.

Afterwards, representatives of the medical staff at the hospital thanked Joshua for his prayers and support.

The video concluded by stressing that it was not intended to “discourage anyone from seeking medical treatment” as “good Christians are good citizens”.

“If you don’t believe in God with medicine, you cannot believe in God without medicine,”Joshua said.

Last month, the World Health Organisation reacted to a video in which a Cameroonian medical doctor was ‘healed’ of COVID-19 after receiving “interactive prayer” from Joshua’s ministry, acknowledging “spiritual leadership is very important in a time like this”.

Since starting its ‘Interactive Prayer Sessions’ – in which online prayer is offered via video calls – Joshua’s ministry has prayed for COVID-19 patients from around the world, prompting the cleric to recently declare his readiness to freely pray for those in Isolation Centers.

Joshua, who had been absent for seven weeks from Emmanuel TV’s broadcasts, earlier shared a sermon titled ‘Mistakes Are Correctable’.

“We wake up in the morning determined to get it right. Before we know it, we have missed the mark,” Joshua began, stressing that “making a mistake” was not the issue but “how we handle it matters.”

“For instance, the issue of COVID-19 is a mistake. However, how we are handling it has led us to where we are today,” he continued, citing the uncertainties and “twists and turns of life”.

“If you make a mistake, as we all do sometimes, don’t run from God; run to Him,” Joshua taught, adding that mistakes actually “make Christian life more interesting and more valuable” and serve as a means to “draw us closer to God”.

“We made the call – and all of us have made the bad call in some areas of our lives,” he acknowledged, parabolically describing that everyone has “feet of clay to some extent”.

Joshua concluded by calling on viewers to have a ‘genuine’ connection with God. “When we connect with Jesus genuinely by way of a personal relationship, He will walk you through everything you do,” he stressed, before proceeding to pray for viewers.

Joshua’s videos have been viewed over one billion times in various languages on YouTube, with his official English Channel reaching 1.7 million subscribers.



I am Paschal Ogechi Obi Chikero . I have written and published three books , I wrote Festus Keyamo's biography- Lion In Isolation .I have been a Reality TV show Producer/Creator, an Actor and Film Script Writer.


Why It Is Very Dangerous To Use Toothpick – Aproko Doctor




Why It Is Very Dangerous To Use Toothpick - Aproko Doctor

In Nigeria, it is a norm to remove bits of food lodged in between the teeth after a nice meal with toothpick .


NAIJA NEWS NG reports that popular Nigerian Doctor, Chinomso Egemba popularly known as Aproko Doctor , has warned that using toothpick could cause damages to your teeth.

In a video that has gone viral, Aproko Doctor said the toothpick will create holes in the teeth in which bacteria can lodge and also damage the gum.


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Aproko Doctor advised that instead of using toothpick, you should use floss .



Watch the video below :

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Ease of doing business: Speaker Obasa challenges NIPOST on new ideas




The Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. (Dr) Mudashiru Obasa, has promised that the House would collaborate with any organisation that aims to assist the state with the ease of doing business.

Speaker Obasa made this promise on Wednesday when he received a team from the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) led by Dr. Ismail Adebayo Adewusi, its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Post Master-General of the Federation.

“I want to assure you that Lagos is always ready to collaborate with any institution that is willing to work with us for the progress of the state.

“This House of Assembly is ready to work with you. The House is always ready to support with legislations and resolutions to enhance the ease of doing business in the state,” Obasa told the team.

The Speaker expressed optimism that NIPOST will succeed especially with the recent amendment to a law with the result being that the organisation now has the opportunity of a public/private partnership (PPP) arrangement.

“I commend the Senate, particularly the chairman, Committee on Communications, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, for the good job done in amending the NIPOST law,” he said while urging the officials to take advantage of amendment to revolutionise the organisation’s mode of operations.

Noting that Nigerians now device various means of getting goods and services to their targets including using commercial bus drivers, the Speaker said he looked forward to that period when people’s interests in NIPOST would be rekindled like it was in the past.

Speaking earlier, Dr. Adewusi, who said he was proud to be associated with Lagos as a result of the successes recorded by state, commended Speaker Obasa and Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for playing roles that have assisted the state with its growth and development.

Adewusi, a former commissioner for economic planning in Lagos, however, lamented that internet technology had altered the operational efficiency of the postal services across the world, but added that this had not deterred his team at NIPOST.

“We have started the process of reform which is culminating in the unbundling of the Nigerian Postal Service to now have a property company, a logistics and transport company, and a bank. We have started this process and I believe that by the time I conclude my five-year tenure, we would have succeeded,” he said.

Adewusi explained that by virtue of its assignments, NIPOST is supposed to regulate logistics and courier companies and that this include licensing of motorcycles used for such businesses.

He said his organisation needed the support of the House with legislations that would help ease the task before it especially as it relates to registration of dispatch riders, issuance of identity cards and tracking locations.

He also sought the support and collaboration of the House in the area of training arrangements for motorcyclists and the use of the ‘address verification solution’, an idea of NIPOST aimed at tackling insecurity and crime in the country.

See more pics below :

Ease of doing business: Speaker Obasa challenges NIPOST on new ideas

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Trump Reveals Why He Won’t Take COVID-19 Vaccine Now




Trump Reveals Why He Won't Take COVID-19 Vaccine Now

Donald Trump has revealed why he won’t be taking the new COVID-19 vaccine today Monday 14th December as reported . 

NAIJA NEWS NG reports that Donald Trump said he is not scheduled to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Bloomberg had reported that the US President could be vaccinated “as soon as Monday,” and other top White House officials would also have the option to be included in the coming days.

Reacting, Trump, who took to his Twitter handle said he was “not scheduled to take the vaccine, but look forward to doing so at the appropriate time.”

“People working in the White House should receive the vaccine somewhat later in the programme, unless specifically necessary.

“I have asked that this adjustment be made,” Trump wrote.

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