Team Fire Blazes in the Knorr Taste Quest Kitchen

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Team Fire Blazes in the Knorr Taste Quest Kitchen

When it comes to success, passion is no longer enough. You need to show skill and creativity, but most importantly you need to work as a team to bring an idea to life; in the same way different spices work together to bring a dish to life. 
Last week was another fired filled episode in the Knorr Taste Quest kitchen. The Contestants were grouped into two teams: Teams Gbolabo and Shasi. 
Now this is where it gets interesting….
Shasi’s team was to cook with no pans and oils while Gbolabo’s team was to cook without knives
The Task: Make a Starter, Main Course and Desert in 1hour!!

Team Fire Blazes in the Knorr Taste Quest Kitchen


With no knives, Gbolabo’s team rose to the occasion, improvising with scissors and their bare hands to cut what needed to be cut. Creativity, togetherness and communication was displayed by Team Gbolabo (which comprised Folasade, Francis, Valentine and Gbolabo) And guess what? They cooked up a FLAWLESS delicious starter and main course. I honestly wished I could taste some of that from where I sat!
All I can say is that Gbolabo would make a fine leader, hands down. He ensured that their ideas were cohesive enough to produce a world class full course meal and a Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000) cash reward. Well done!

Team Fire Blazes in the Knorr Taste Quest Kitchen


The winning team in their joyous moment

I wouldn’t say same for Shasi’s team though. They missed an important ingredient needed to work as a team… effective communication. This obviously affected the quality of the meals they presented to the Judges as their individual flavour preferences came through in their dishes, rather than a team flavour. 


Team Fire Blazes in the Knorr Taste Quest Kitchen


This is how you look when you didn’t perform well.

All in all, it was interesting to watch how team work plays out in a Kitchen and I learnt quite a lot. 
I am excitedly waiting to see what’s up the judges’ sleeves this weekend. 
You too can tune in to the following channels to find out:
Sunday: DSTV/GOTV African Magic Family – 7-8PM, R2TV 5:30PM

If you missed last week’s episode, you can catch it in full on


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