To Hell With Your Nigerian Unity If You Declare Amotekun Illegal- FFK

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Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has addressed the decision of the Federal Government to label the new South West Security Network, Amotekun, illegal.

Fani-Kayode questioned the existence of similar security networks in the North East and North West like the Civilian Joint Task Force .

Hisbah Police in North West is ok. Civilian Joint Task Force in North West is ok. Civilian Joint Task Force in North East is ok.

Meanwhile IPOB in South East are terrorists and Amotekun in South West is illegal!

One day Nigerians will get tired of this bullshit, get sense and free themselves from this insufferable bondage.

The bitter truth is that what the Federal Government has done by claiming that Amotekun is illegal is to strengthen the hand and harden the resolve of the more radical and forceful elements and the more extreeme nationalist forces in the South West who have always challenged the erroneous notion, flawed logic and questionable assumption that the unity of Nigeria is not only settled but also sacrosanct.

If you say that we cannot defend ourselves and our people from tribal and religious bigots, ethnic cleansers, genocidal maniacs, barbarous savages, bloodthirsty jihadists, blood-lusting terrorists, racial supremacists and cold-blooded mass murderers simply because we are southerners then to hell with your Nigerian unity” he wrote

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