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US ELECTION : Trump Knocked For Sharing Misleading Victory Content



US ELECTION : Trump Knocked For Sharing Misleading Victory Content

Americans and Media Giant, Twitter have knocked US President, Donald Trump , for sharing misleading victory contents. 

NAIJA NEWS NG curated reactions to this development from Twitter . Read below :


AFP news agency
“#BREAKING Twitter labels President Trump comments on ballot irregularities ‘misleading’

natalie helms ♡

“the way his tweets are flagged as misleading about the election should be a red flag. the fact that it isn’t for many trump supporters is so concerning.”
Hari Kondabolu
“The fact Trump got this many votes is sickening. People were not fooled into voting for him. It wasn’t about “shaking up the system.” It wasn’t about him being a “successful businessman.”

White people are scared & angry & treat Trump like a white civil rights leader.”

Ram Gopal Varma
won’t leave the White House , there’s a real possibility that the world can see him being dragged out by the constables of the local police ..And if the news channels charge money to show that the collections will cross a million Avatars”

Jelani Gandy

“The only state Donald Trump could ever seriously challenge in the Supreme Court is Pennsylvania. Minnesota and Wisconsin had their election court “playoffs” battles before the election. With or without PA, if the ballots are counted and the race stays as is; Joe Biden wins.”

Miles Taylor

“It would be poetic justice if Trump’s pettiness toward Sen. McCain (AZ) cost him the election. His demand that we *not* lower U.S. flags in honor of the late war hero is what prompted me to write the anonymous op-ed in the first place.”

JJ. Omojuwa
“If the incumbent president of an African country did what Trump did this morning – undermining the process – the US Secretary of State would have understandably issued a statement to set them in order. The problem isn’t that the US does this, it is that no one does this to the US”

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Jeffrey Goldberg

“Three of Trump’s most recent tweets have been flagged by Twitter for containing misinformation.”

(((Jason Rantz))) on KTTH Radio

“Twitter is out in full force censoring tweets simply questioning some of the shady procedures in the vote counts… if the criticism is meant to support

Meanwhile, you *can* still tweet that the Holocaust didn’t happen.”

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