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You Are Stupid If Someone Defrauds You With My Face – Mike Ezuronye



You Are Stupid If Someone Defrauds You With My Face - Mike Ezuronye

Nollywood actor, Mike Ezuronye , has reacted to allegations of fraud levelled against his person by women who claim they were defrauded by him.

NAIJA NEWS NG gathered that the actor was reportedly arrested in London but Mike Ezuronye in an Instagram video proved he was on location in Nigeria.

Mike Ezuronye said : “I heard I was arrested o, I heard I was arrested in London. I am looking for myself right now, I am looking for Mike Ezuronye where I was arrested for fraud . They said I defrauded someone 7000 pounds. God punish una, very stupid ! I have posted videos of people who have impersonated me , I have been quiet for too long about this nonsense. I have tagged the EFCC, the Police, they have been helpful and still helpful. Yet someone just woke up and wrote that Mike was arrested in UK , very lazy Blogger. Mike that is on location shooting, looking for his daily bread.

I heard they have formed a cult against me , Queen of something something, group of old women Mike has defrauded . Some of whom I pity but why would you give money to someone you don’t know, what are you looking for, what are you looking for in my body, what are you looking for in that celebrities’ body, that actor, that musician, what are you indulging in? The worst part is that some of you are older than my mother”

Watch full video below :

Below are comments by AY the Comedian and other fans :

“I like this your prison o. Them get spare room? No mind them o. You can’t barb a person’s head in his absence”
“Hahahaha l heard you have be band from entering US too that you defrauded some pple l have been wondering, explain more”

“Same thing happen to me last last April, some use ur picture to write me on Facebook,I no is not u,d guy was tell me that he is looking for someone to act film,that the film will be on cinema by June,if am interested I should pay d sum of 2 thousand euros, immediately I block him”

“I actually know of a woman personally that was defrauded by the same people…I pity them. They came for me lots of times but am a scammer too”

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